Youth led movement for tobacco prevention


Nov 04, 2018

AURORA, Neb. (KSNB) –¬†A group of teens are working to end tobacco use among their peers and promote advocacy with a youth-led movement.

Their movement is called No Limits. Students are trying to take a stand against Big Tobacco, and lessen the impact tobacco companies have on their peers.

“No Limits is Nebraska’s first youth-led tobacco prevention, so we actually use activism ideas to expose and oppose the manipulative marketing tactics that the tobacco industry has an influence on against teens here in Nebraska,” said Kamrin Edmonds, a board member with No Limits.

The board hosted a youth activism summit Sunday at the Leadership Center in Aurora.

They taught their peers about marketing tactics tobacco companies use that are especially appealing to teens.

“It’s really important for youth to learn that they are being manipulated by the big tobacco companies, and to learn how to fight them back in their own communities so that they can save their peers from becoming addicted tobacco users,” said Molly Kincaid, project manager for No Limits.

About 65 students from 15 communities across the state attended the summit.

Kincaid said she hopes this event will empower youth and encourage them to take action in their communities.

“We are all about giving them the tools, the knowledge and the resources to take all that they have learned here back to their own community to hopefully do activism activities such as cigarette butt cleanups or any other project, 1300 or numbers campaign, or anything that they can do to reach their peers and educate them,” Kincaid said.

No Limits will host an event on March 19 called “Kick Butts Day,” where students will go and speak with their local state senators about tobacco prevention.

If you want any more information on No Limits or tobacco prevention, click HERE.