No Limits Beat: Issue #1 (September 2019)


Introducing the 2019 – 2020 No Limits Youth Board

The 2019-2020 Youth Board leaders are veteran members Jacey Anderson and Elaina Riley, both of Auburn, Nebraska. They are joined by Lexus Ascencion (Grand Island), Kaylee Koch (Crofton), Anna Ready (Scribner), Shelby Underwood (Hartington), Kerri Hoesing (Newcastle), Rosie Nelson (O’Neill) and Rachel Waugh (Kearney). Jacey and Elaina were elected by their fellow Youth Board members to serve as this year’s co-chairs. Rachel is our secretary and leads our event engagement activities, Kaylee is our activism expert and Rosie is our go-to gal for all things social media.
We’ve had so much fun getting to know each other. There are five new members on the board this year and we are super excited to roll out some new info and activities at this year’s events. We recently met for our fall board meeting where we developed a bunch of new activism activities, learned more about tobacco’s impact among our peers, brainstormed event ideas and squeezed in some time for a little fun (if you follow us on social media you might have seen outtakes from our roller skating adventure). Most importantly, we are excited to meet each of YOU, and help give you the tools you need to FIGHT BIG TOBACCO!

We Will Be Heard!
Youth have the voice of change in this world and the power to make a positive difference. By using our voice, we will continue to stand up against Big Tobacco, bringing attention to the environmental impacts of tobacco products and marketing toward youth. Youth can empower, guide and provide our peers with resources to create the change.

This year, our theme is “We Will Be Heard!” We are excited to focus on three key messages for the 2019-2020 year:
  • Tobacco industries harm the environment, from the process of growing tobacco to the byproducts from the user.
  • Big Tobacco targets youth through manipulative marketing tactics such as product packaging and enticing flavors.
  • You are capable of making a positive change and taking strategic steps to make change a reality.
Nebraska youth are using traditional tobacco products at an all-time low, and even in the midst of a nationwide vaping epidemic, we have one of the lowest teen vaping rates. But that doesn’t mean that we’re just going to sit back and relax – there’s still lots of work to do! We look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year, and would love to come host an event at your school! To learn more about outreach partnership opportunities, contact us.

Group Feature: Grand Island Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

The Youth Board had the pleasure of joining the Grand Island Senior High School SADD group Saturday, September 7 at Grand Island Senior High to create posters drawing awareness to the impacts of Big Tobacco. Fourteen of us divided into three groups to create at least two posters per group in our hour together. These posters will be hung around Grand Island Senior High to bring awareness to the effects of tobacco products, including vaping.


Chair Chat: Thoughts from Elaina and Jacey

“This year is off to a great start. This fall, we are focusing on finding opportunities to present at schools or events. By doing this, we have been able to recruit more youth and get them involved in the fight against Big Tobacco.” -Elaina

“I am so glad to serve on the youth board this year! My goal is to get more people to help take down Big Tobacco. No Limits has opened up so many great opportunities for me and I can’t wait to see how this year goes.” -Jacey