No Limits Statewide Youth Leadership Team Applications open!

No Limits Nebrsaka is putting together a Statewide Youth Leadership Team! We want youth from all over Nebraska to step up and help to fight against Big Tobacco! If you are tired of watching the affects of tobacco products with people you love, this is your time to help us fight the continued trickery of Big Tobacco. Apply for this amazing opportunity to fine tune your leadership skills!

My Life My Quit

The Nebraska Quitline is now offering a youth texting service with LIVE COACHES to assist Nebraska Youth in quitting tobacco products including vaping. Youth can text “Start my Quit” to 36072 to start chatting with a live coach.

Youth Testimonials

“Hello Senator, Tobacco is destroying teen lives. Seeing a fellow classmate struggle with addiction is a hard fight. Please help end addiction and save our lives.”

“Mr. Vargas, Just wanted to say, I support the fight against tobacco. I know over 5 people who either vape, smoke tec. while it’s their choice on what they do, it becomes a problem when others are dragged in. When my classmate passes out in the bathroom, everyone is up and involved. Either from vaping or drugs, their health problems become everyone’s problems. Vape if you want but don’t do it to the point of passing out in the bathroom. Good luck!”

“A fellow friend of mine is by all means a great kid. However, he got flooded and influenced by the wrong audience and now is hooked on vapes by the age of 15. This HAS to STOP? Influences become bad habits.”

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