Take Down Tobacco Day Coming in 2024!

You can make an impact

Big Tobacco can’t stop a movement. The National Take Down Tobacco Day is observed at the end of March.  We will be rallying across Nebraska to stop this multibillion-dollar industry from gambling with our lives. Get organized and fight back for your community at: https://www.takedowntobacco.org/day-of-action

 Trending locally in April of 2023, Grand Island Northwest students participated in “The Jokes on You Joker!” Grand Island Northwest Students will come together to learn:

  • Big tobacco and their big lies!
  • How to be an Youth Leader to prevent commercial tobacco use in your school.
  • How to help peers recognize the facts and work on goals to stop using commercial tobacco products
  • How to work with community leaders and state leaders to formulate policies to promote prevention and cessation.

“It’s Time to Make Big Tobacco Fold!” #TheJokesOnYouJoker #NoLimits

Stay tuned for the 2024 Take Down Tobacco Day in Nebraska!