Snow Stencils

Big Tobacco doesn’t stop for winter weather, and neither should you! Have some fun in the snow while exposing Big Tobacco by creating snow stencils. You can cut out your own stencils by printing your message on paper and tracing it onto foam or cardboard. Then, make your own colored dye by adding water, food dye in the color of your choice and a little bit of cornstarch. Then pick your spot, place your stencil and spray your message onto the snow! Be sure to get permission to do your activism and remember, No Limits is against the tobacco industry not the tobacco user.


First Meeting:
Set a date for this activity. Make sure you get permission beforehand. Make a list of all the locations you wish to place the stencils and a short list of the stencils you will need to make.  Try to brainstorm a unique way to create your display for maximum impact and think about if you want to create any flyers (with facts and the No Limits message) that can be picked up at your display.

Second Meeting:
Implement your plan.


  • Get permission to do your event from the proper officials.
  • Recruit friends to help if necessary.
  • Be creative. Is there another activism that you can pair with this to best share your message?

Words of Wisdom:

  • Plan out your supplies and messages beforehand. That will make the activism go much faster.
  • Check the weather in advance, it’s best to do this activism after the snow has set but you don’t want it to melt away your message!
  • Stay warm! Bring gloves, hats and coats if needed to fight the cold.