No Limits Summit Gives Students Tools to Fight Back



AURORA, Neb. No Limits is Nebraska’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement. According to Molly Kincaid, No Limits project coordinator, members learn leadership skills that help them raise awareness of tobacco marketing tactics among their peers.

Fifty students attended an event put on by the group called “No Limits Fall Summit” in Aurora, NE on November 22 and 23rd. The theme of the event was “people over profit.”

“Big Tobacco continues to introduce new products aimed at young consumers,” said No Limits Youth Board Co-Chair Leila Alohaid of Lincoln. “For tobacco companies, profits are more important than the health of young people. No Limits is sending a message that we’re fighting back in Nebraska.”

Some of the training students learned during “No Limits Fall Summit” include tactics that will encourage their peers to resist marketing messages by tobacco companies. They also have events prepared to hold in their own communities.

One member of No Limits, Sheri Crosier, a Kearney High School student, has seen the impact the group has first hand. “I’ve heard a lot of kids say that since they joined No Limits they’ve convinced their friends to not start smoking.” “It makes me feel good to know that I’m making a difference among the kids my own age.


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