Flash Mob Speaks Out About Tobacco Companies’ Targeting of Youth


Flash Mob Speaks Out About Tobacco’s Companies Targeting Of Youth

Posted: May 31, 2014 6:26 PM CDT

By Connie Weight, Videojournalist

Shoppers at Kearney’s Hilltop Mall got an earful from teens about how big tobacco is treating their demographic. 

About 45 teens across the state united Saturday, speaking out about what the tobacco industry is doing to target them.

They say big tobacco companies use very subtle ways to promote their products to youth, but organizers say events like today’s flash mob show they do have the power to make a difference. 

“It’s something a little different, you don’t usually see them here in Kearney,” said ‘No Limits’ project coordinator Molly Kincaid. “I think that people are going to go back home because there happens to be different things going on, there’s people here in the mall so they’re going to go back to their communities and spread the word. ‘So that’s your hope, yep’.”

“Just to know the tobacco industries are really wanting to target the teens because we are their next generation of users and we are their future profits,” said ‘No Limits’ participant Sheri Crosier. “But we need to know they’re targeting us and we can stop it.” 

‘No Limits’ is the first youth led tobacco movement in the state.

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