Screen It!















Suggestions on Screen It from 2012-2013 Youth Board member Joanna Hejl

1. Choose a movie. Select a popular movie that will draw youth! Remember, it can’t be rated R.

2. Choose a venue. This could be your school’s gym, a lawn, or a classroom. Choose a space that will hold your expected attendance. Make sure you have all the equipment you will need: a copy of the movie, projector or movie player, screen or TV, speakers, and cords.

3. Choose a date. Pick a time of year that will fit with the movie and venue. Don’t pick the same night as a sporting event or other school event.

4. Get the word out! Get it in your school paper or announcements. If it will be open to the community, contact your local media.

5. Movie Time! Have audience members record the number of times they see tobacco used in the film, or tobacco imagery in general.

***The Popcorn Bag Activism would go along great with this one!