The Public Pulse – Tobacco’s Influence on Youth


Tobacco’s influence on youth

A recent Associated Press news story explained the surgeon general’s recent report, which stated that the more young people are exposed to cigarette advertising and promotional activities, the more likely they are to smoke.

This reminded me of last year’s Red Sky Festival in Omaha, where the “Marlboro Experience” made an appearance in a bright red Marlboro tent.

While access inside the tent was granted only to smokers, that red tent and “Marlboro Experience” signs got the Marlboro name out in front of everyone at the concert, regardless of age.

I encourage the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, which manages TD Ameritrade Park and the Red Sky Festival, to listen to the surgeon general and give young people like me an environment free from tobacco marketing influences.

MECA should implement a policy not to allow tobacco industry sponsorship of this great community event. It is essential we take a stand against Big Tobacco companies and follow through with policy change.

Skyler May, Lincoln

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