Road Signs

Next Exit 10 miles, No U-Turn, Stop Ahead, Secondhand Smoke Contains Arsenic . . . whoa! Road signs work. Share what you know about Nebraska and tobacco. Use a main road or busy street to post facts pertaining to the use of tobacco, school zones, and policy in the state. Make sure to get permission to put up the signs.


First Meeting:
Create a list of statistics you want to tell people about. Decide on a location for the signs and get permission to post them. Next, create a layout for the signs and a list of supplies needed to create them.

Second Meeting:
Let your creativity go to town as you create eye-catching signs. Proudly display them for all who drive by to see.


  • Collect powerful statistics, for example, 6 Nebraskans die each day from tobacco-related diseases.
  • Get permission to display the signs, either from a landowner or a public official.
  • Plan a date to take down the signs.
  • Let your local media, school newspaper, and No Limits know about your event ahead of time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Remember to make the signs simple and easy to read from a distance. Cars will be driving past, so use the 3-second rule: If you can’t understand the sign in 3 seconds, it’s too confusing.
  • Some colors are easier to read than others. Yellow is not a good choice for words.
  • Paper doesn’t hold up very well in the rain and snow. Think weatherproof like plywood.
  • Signs can take a while to make. Allow for plenty of time to work on them individually.