Human Billboards

With a few friends, some paint, and a couple of poster boards, you can let your town know about the corruption of the tobacco industry and the dangers of tobacco products. Grab some string and tape to make your posters wearable sandwich boards. Just plan your message, secure a permit, create your poster, and then hit the streets. Bring some palm cards with the No Limits message to hand out.


This activity should be very easy to plan.

First Meeting:
Determine your message, location, and date.

Second Meeting:
Create your signs, and hit the streets with the truth.


  • Secure a permit with the local law enforcement.
  • Pick a busy intersection or location to share your message with a lot of people.
  • Let your local media and No Limits know about your event ahead of time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Have a simple message . . . a lot of people will be trying to read your signs as they drive by.
  • Bring some music and a stereo to play.
  • Make sure your signs are easy to read and in the right order.
  • Don’t block the sidewalks; people still need to be able to use the sidewalks.
  • Don’t yell at people going by.  If you get rude gestures, just ignore them.
  • Be sure to let the local law enforcement know in advance.

How to Secure a Permit:

It might take a few phone calls to find the right office, but securing a permit is really easy. Here are a few suggestions for your search:

  • City Clerk’s Office
  • Police Department
  • Online Forms (In Lincoln you fill out a parade permit.)

Be sure to apply early; sometimes they need 10 business days to process your request.