Graffiti Wall

It’s caught your eye as you wait for the train to pass . . . graffiti can be really cool! Here is a legal way to use it. Tell the truth about Big Tobacco on paper. A lot of paper. On butcher paper get creative with your anti-tobacco message, and display it for everyone to see.


First Meeting:
This activity doesn’t need a lot of planning time. Just figure out what message you want to share and what supplies you need to make it, and let the creative juices flow.


  • Get permission to display your message from proper officials.
  • Find a location that is highly visible.
  • Let your local media and No Limits know about your event ahead of time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Recruit your friends to help.
  • Add visuals like a drawing of Big Tobacco, large decorative lettering, etc.
  • Use paint, crayons, chalk, spray paint (take your paper outside to paint with spray paint and make sure the wind won’t blow paint onto any cars or buildings) and get creative.
  • Create more than one wall . . . include one that people can add their own thoughts, facts, or feelings on.  Just make sure it’s clean.