Sidewalk Tagging

Use sidewalk chalk to create a message that raises awareness about tobacco issues in Nebraska. The idea is to start far away from the entrance and work your way to it, using stronger messages and more shocking facts as you get closer to the entrance.

First Meeting:
Choose facts or information that you want to include before you create your sidewalk messages. These should correlate with No Limits key messages and goals. Use bright colors so they are easy to read.

Second Meeting:
Before the event, cover the sidewalks with facts, anti-tobacco industry information, and/or if on school grounds, school/local/state policies. Consider making your tags interactive and letting passersby add to your message. For example: “Big Tobacco spends $66.5 million marketing deadly products in Nebraska. What would YOU do with $66.5 million?”


  • Get permission to do your event from the proper officials.
  • Recruit friends to help if necessary.
  • Plan a theme to your messages and plan it so it will be most effective.
  • Location is a big one. You want people to see your message!
  • Be creative and think visual. What will get attention?
  • Let your local media and No Limits know about your event ahead of time.



Words of Wisdom:

  • Keep weather in mind.
  • Remember as you write the messages, No Limits anti-tobacco industry, not anti-tobacco user.
  • Have plenty of people lined up to help.