Youth Congress Member Attends Summit


Nov. 20-21, Cheyanne Cook, daughter of Anne Weller and member of the Arcadia Youth Congress, along with her sponsor, Mindy Conner spent time learning how to fight “Big Tobacco.” They attended the No Limits Summit in Cozad at Camp Comeca. The No Limits Summit had attendees from across the state of Nebraska. Around 200 students and sponsors took part in the weekend. During the event, Cheyanne took part in a scavenger hunt, did work within her small group and attended various workshops around the issue of “Big Tobacco” and the target toward youth. She and her sponsor learned how they can begin to help educate other youth. They began work on a mini grant that the Arcadia Youth Congress will use funds from to begin the task of educating others about the risks surrounding tobacco. The grant will be used to inform students and community members about the science of tobacco as well as many of the harmful statistics surrounding the use of tobacco and products made with tobacco. A key focus of No Limits is to fight the tobacco companies not the victims the tobacco users. A a major goal of No Limits is to have fewer victims. They are currently looking for more groups and individuals to become involved. For more information on No Limits please go to the No Limits Nebraska website at