Cup Art

You walk by it every day on the way to school. It surrounds your high school football field and track. It’s not just a chain-link fence; it’s a billboard waiting to happen. All it needs is a message. Spell out a message in Styrofoam cups to spread the truth about Big Tobacco to the whole school and the visiting team.


This activity doesn’t need a lot of planning time. Just figure out what message you want to share and how many cups you need, and then spell it out in Styrofoam.


  • Get permission to display your message from proper officials.
  • Find a location that is highly visible.
  • Plan out your message using graph paper.
  • Figure out how many cups you will need.
  • Let your local media and No Limits know about your event ahead of time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Recruit your friends to help.
  • Styrofoam lasts longer than paper cups in the rain.
  • Change it up every now and then with a new message.  Styrofoam doesn’t go bad!
  • Don’t forget to plan a clean-up date.

Another option is to tie ribbon on the fence instead of using cups.