Activism Challenge

No Limits is all about exposing and opposing Big Tobacco

You can join the fight by demonstrating the harmful effects of tobacco use by doing a creative activism! For this challenge, there are three ways to win: complete the Connect the Dots activism described below, or create a video or photo collage that reflects the impact tobacco has had on your life and loved ones. Complete this challenge and you could win some awesome No Limits gear! Check out the three ways to win below:

Ways to win!

  1. Show the world how Big Tobacco’s influence spreads, by completing the Connect the Dots activism. Make a list of those in your life that have been impacted by tobacco, beginning with those closest to you and radiating outwards. Don’t forget to include yourself! Write their names or place their photos on dots cut from construction paper. Once you have all of your dots, line them up and display them, tying them together with yarn or string to “connect them” back to the source: Big Tobacco. Consider writing a small description or getting a quote from each person to display beneath their dot for maximum impact. This activism tells Big Tobacco, we see you, we know your tricks and we’ve had enough. Send pictures of your activism into No Limits to submit this project for a chance at a prize and to be highlighted in the No Limits Beat Newsletter!
  2. Big Tobacco has been influencing Hollywood’s directors for years, and now it’s your turn to take over the camera! Use your video skills to create a short movie or skit that demonstrates tobacco’s influence on your life, your loved ones and your community. You can even “premiere” your movie at your school (with permission) in combination with the Screen It or Popcorn Bag activism! Send in your video for a chance to win free No Limits gear, and for the chance to have your video promoted on No Limits social media!
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a collage is even better! Expose Big Tobacco by creating a photo collage to demonstrate how tobacco use has influenced your life, loved ones and community. Get creative and let your photos speak for themselves. Submit your photos to No Limits for a chance to win gear and to have your photo collage highlighted on No Limits social media!

Entry Details

There will be one grand-prize winner from each category. They will both receive amazing No Limits gear. You can enter two categories to double your chances of winning.

There are two ways to enter. Make sure you fill out the entry form no matter which way you choose to enter your submission.


Way to Enter #1:

Mail your piece, along with an entry form, to:

No Limits Activism Challenge
1201 Infinity Court
Lincoln, NE 68512

Way to Enter #2:

Message the No Limits Facebook page with your artwork or writing piece as an attachment. Please include your entry form in the message and label the subject line as “No Limits Activism Challenge”

All entries are due January 31, 2021!

Entry Form:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Location of Project
  4. Years in No Limits
  5. Fun fact about you