Nebraska Students Take on Big Tobacco



Article by: Margaret Silhasek
Interview by: Margaret Silhasek
Posted: May 30, 2017

NORFOLK — For 33 Nebraska students, combating the social norm created by Big Tobacco has no limits.

Students from across the state came together at the youth-led, No Limits Summer Activist Summit at Divot’s Conference Center. Organizers say the goal of this movement is to teach students how to take a stand against the tobacco industry and minimize its impact in Nebraska.

O’Neill High School senior Tayte Jussel has been an active member in No Limits since the 7th grade. Jussel says he’s looking forward to telling kids how they can make a change in their communities.

“Our goal is to empower youth and show them that big tobacco is bad so they can be the generation that stops tobacco, and they’re be able to go to their communities and show people that through activisms that they can make a change.”

Jussel explains students will participate in presentations and activities about combating Big Tobacco. Jussel thinks the presentation about electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS, is especially important for students his age.

“I think the biggest message is the ENDS, because I just feel like not many people are very educated about it. I just feel like they just need to be educated about it so they can make the right decisions, because like, teenagers at my school they don’t think ENDS products are bad for you. They think its just water vapor, but it isn’t.”

The students will end the Summit with a public activism activity from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the corner of Norfolk avenue and 13th street.


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