Local Youth Take a Stand Against Smoking in Frankfort Square


BY Aaron Traudt | June 22, 2015

COLUMBUS – Columbus youth headed to the park Monday afternoon to encourage a smoke free lifestyle.

No limits Nebraska and the East Central Health Department teamed up to educate teens on how to they can become activist against the tobacco industry.

No Limits is Nebraska’s first youth lead tobacco prevention movement, focusing on  empowerment and social change, teaching kids about big tobaccos manipulative marketing practices.  The organization is open to youth ages 12-18  throughout the state of Nebraska.

“We talked about what No Limits is, how they can get involved, different activisms they can do,” says Jamie Rodriguez, “Then we talked about policy changes, how they could be part of a policy change, and steps that they could take to be a part of it.  Then we talked about different activism ideas that they could do.”

The kids decided on two activism activities for the day, sidewalk chalk art and a human billboard campaign.

“I have asthma, and whenever it’s second hand smoke that can really damage me as well,” explains Ricardo.

No Limits Has been around since 2001 and has 200 active youth members in Nebraska.

“We’re trying to raise awareness for the problems that smoking causes in local parks,” says Natalie.

For more information visit www.nolimitsnebraska.com

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